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-32% Cena: 4,20  Posebna ponudba: 2,86 

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Šifra: 7245

Protects the valves in the engine and absorbs peak temperatures. The selected combination of additives ensures optimal lubrication as well as clean combustion. Expensive repairs and engine damage are thus avoided. Maintains vehicle performance and prevents loss of compression. Valve Protection for Gas Vehicles does not contain any organometallic compounds and has no negative effects on catalytic converters.

-32% Cena: 23,00  Posebna ponudba: 15,64 

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Šifra: LM-4012

Improves the flow and filtering properties of the diesel fuel. Keeps diesel flowing at temperatures down to -31°C (depending on the diesel fuel grade). Ensures the operational reliability of all diesel-operated engines at low temperatures.

-32% Cena: 4,70  Posebna ponudba: 3,20 

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Šifra: LM-1877

Lubricates and protects valve seat ring on vehicles that originally required leaded fuel. Reduces wear on the cylinder head, maintaining optimal compression. Prevents engine breakdown and increases reliability.

-32% Cena: 10,00  Posebna ponudba: 6,80 

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Šifra: LM-1010

Cleans combustion deposits from valves.
Prevent corrosion.
Cleans spark plugs and cylinder heads, thorougly and effectively and reduces harmful exhaust gasses and fuel consumption.

-32% Cena: 11,80  Posebna ponudba: 8,02 

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Šifra: X-9265

Designed to dampen the sound caused by worn hydraulic tappets.
Loosens polluted stuck parts of the hydraulic tappets and thus dampens teh sound of the valve mechanism.

-32% Cena: 11,00  Posebna ponudba: 7,48 

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Šifra: X-7907

Octane Plus is a self-mixing combination of agents formulated according to state-of-the-art additive and fuel technology. Octane Plus is for universal use and increases the research octane number (RON) of the fuel by 2-4 points, depending on the RON. Thanks to the increased performance of the fuel, engine damage caused by knocking combustion is prevented. The increase of the octane number ensures low fuel consumption.

-32% Cena: 9,10  Posebna ponudba: 6,19 

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Šifra: LM-2956
Cena: 5,10  Posebna ponudba: 2,81 
Šifra:: OSRALB H4
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Cena: 3,50  Posebna ponudba: 2,38 
Šifra:: 1501
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Cena: 3,50  Posebna ponudba: 2,38 
Šifra:: 1502
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